Video Work

As with my radio journalism, I am attracted to stories that explore social and environmental themes, grass-roots movements, or individuals who live on the creative fringes of society. My first documentary film, produced in 2007, was called Harnessing the Severn, and explored attempts to harness the renewable energy of the Severn Bore by building a giant tidal barrage.

In early 2013 I spent several months making “The Innertube Map timelapse”, a timelapse film of life on the city’s cycle routes as winter turned into spring (and sometimes, as I found, turned back to winter again!)

More recently I’ve started making documentary films again, but using a combination of vintage Japanese and Russian lenses and modern DSLRs. In late 2013 I took part in the Scottish Documentary Institute’s Bridging the Gap program, developing a story about the inventor and engineer Stephen Salter. I am currently working on a film about a friend who has lived in the woods for twenty years, weathering all kinds of challenges to live a life in contact with nature.

Below, you can see some examples of my work.









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