About Tom Allan

Tom Allan is a skilled multimedia journalist based in Edinburgh. His most recent project was working as a multimedia online reporter for the Guardian, producing dozens of videos, podcasts and slideshows, and over 250 articles in six months.

Before that, he freelanced for the BBC as a researcher, reporter and sound recordist, as well as working on radio projects for Free Speech Radio News and Public Radio International in America.

He’s worked in some remote and challenging environments – including the Peruvian Amazon and Highlands and parts of Central America.

As well as pursuing his journalism, Tom has a great passion for promoting community media and empowering people to use the airwaves and the internet to tell their stories. He’s worked for Prison Radio in London, taught in community radio stations in Edinburgh, Washington DC and Guatemala.

Most recently he began a social media project passing on the skills he learnt at the Guardian to community groups in disadvantaged parts of Edinburgh.

For contact details or to commission Tom for radio, video or multimedia projects, please click here.

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  1. Try investigating the homophobic attitudes & practises of the Devon & Cornwall Constabulary, & the totally ineffective & useless Independent Police Complaints Commission!

    Start here: http://www.pinkpasty.blogspot.com


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