NonStuff Festival at Wiston Lodge

Posted on 20/10/2014 by


In case you’ve ever felt like putting on a music festiva and wondered what it takes, well, you could take a look at the experience of my friend James Chapman. James organised the recent NonStuff acoustic music and permaculture festival at Wiston Lodge, which was a small but beautiful two day festival, as the pictures below demonstrate.

So what does it take? We, James already had lots of great contacts through his roles as a musician and member of the Forgotten Works band, and his work as a permaculture instructor. Add a healthy dollop of creativity, and some support for his crowdfunding campaign by social media types (like me) and you are half-way there.

Perhaps the main thing though is having the courage to take on an event like that. There was a decent chance that he would spend months working on the Festival, and maybe break even or make a loss. In the end, it was a success for both him and Wiston Lodge, so lets hope we’ll be seeing NonStuff returning here next year.

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