The 22 – a new collaborative radio studio in Edinburgh

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Over the last few weeks something very exciting has been taking shape in Argyle House, a giant former government building in the shadow of Edinburgh Castle.

In this unusual building, a group of independent producers, community radio makers, retired broadcasters, poets, sound artists, freelance journalists, writers and podcasters have come together to work on a project. So far there are 16 of us – but we’re aiming for 22 founding members.

Together we are creating a collaborative radio studio called The 22, a place where people from different backgrounds can come to make all kinds of radio programmes. Three floors of the mostly deserted office building have been given over to the Forest, an open access charity committed to providing arts space for the people of Edinburgh. We’ve taken on a large open plan office with a glass panelled side room which will make a perfect radio studio.

The 22 is going to be like a seed – something that starts small, and grows into something amazing. Having a physical space where creative people who love radio can meet is already sparking dozens of ideas after just a couple of meetings. People are making connections, inventing shows, and suggesting stories for documentaries. The first radio drama is being planned, based on play written by one of the group. It’s starting as a collaborative studio, but ultimately The 22 could form the basis for a new radio station in the city for arts, culture, discussion and documentaries.

It’s all happening incredibly quickly. In fact, we found out just a few days ago that we had won some funding to kit out the studio, so by early May we expect to have the studio up and running.

But we are still looking for six people with a passion for radio to get involved in the studio – particularly those with an interest in creative storytelling, grassroots and community radio, independent journalism, sound design, documentary or sound art.

Membership of the studio costs £10 a month, with an initial joining fee of £10, and our next meeting/social at the studio is on the 23rd of April. If your interested in joining, please email me –

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