Interview with Stuart Murdoch from Belle and Sebastian

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Stuart Murdoch is BEST known as the lead singer and songwriter of indie pop band Belle and Sebastian, whose wistful songs have earned them a cult following in the UK and abroad.

If your a fan of Murdoch’s music, you’ll know that they’re full of often melancholic stories of young life and love, with well formed characters bursting out. And now one of Murdoch’s side projects – an album and spin-off band called God Help the Girl – is going to burst onto cinema screens. God Help the Girl is set to become a musical feature film, set in Glasgow and directed by Murdoch himself.

I caught up in the last week of filming earlier this year in a red sandstone tenement flat in the West End, and spoke to Murdoch about the curious genesis of the film, and the challenges of a lead singer directing a feature film. You can hear that interview on the BBC Movie Cafe for the next seven days.

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