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Last night I had my second encounter with The Lights Out Listening Group – an aural  appreciation night where you sit in total darkness and listen to experimental, playful and interesting soundscapes and pieces.

Last night’s session had something of an aquatic theme, featuring a few submissions (or sub-missions?) from Nowhere Island Radio, a temporary arts radio station that broadcast for for days in four locations in Plymouth. Pieces included Rapture of the Deep by Mark Vernon, which captured/created the experience and sounds of scuba diving. Gordon Kennedy’s piece, “The Captain’s Rest” was based on a traditional English sea-song combined with underwater recordings made by colleague Gerry Kelly just of the English coast. You’ll find more details of their work here.

I’d submitted two pieces to the event, and co-incidentally the second piece, called “A Child’s Nightmare” had included my first ever attempts at underwater recording. I had used…

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