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My latest post on the Radio Doc Blog on using sound design to create a nightmare.

The Radio Doc Blog

I’m reading Sound Design by David Sonnenschein, a book which explores more creative, esoteric and philosophical approaches to gathering and manipulating sound. One of the many exercises in the book suggests that you gather five familiar, everyday sounds, each one with a different emotional significance or meaning, and then combine them into pairs, to create a new sound and a new meaning.

So, last week I gathered sounds from in and around my flat in Harrison Park – my three year old daughter sleeping (PEACE, VULNERABLITY, INNOCENCE), a train going past (TRANSITION, THREAT), and the wind in the trees in Harrison Park (PEACE). Some of these sounds I thought about gathering and went looking for, others I happened upon – the wind whistling through a steel bridge, for example, made such an eerie noise that it caught my attention (TENSION.)


I also did my first ever under-water recordings, using…

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