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I’m hoping to embark on a new project soon involving photography portraits, and thought it might be valuable to gather some of my work in one place. As those of you who follow my blog regularly will know, I am primarily a radio and multimedia journalist, but I take a keen interest in photography, and have built up a small but excellent collection of old school Minolta lenses that are compatible with my Sony Alpha DSLR.

I’m largely self-taught, reading books to get ideas, but I feel that my photography has improved markedly in recent months – partly due to having been working intensively as a photographer for the BBC during the Edinburgh Festival, and partly due to find myself in situations with compelling images.

Not all the images here were taken on a professional camera though – some were snapped on an old compact digital years ago, or even on an iphone, but they  captured the energy of a moment. I think we sometimes can get caught up concentrating on equipment (whether it be in radio, film or photography) rather than just the creativity and composition and immediacy of the moment. A new camera or lense won’t make you a better photographer, but it might extend the range of what you can do, and it might encourage you to get out there and take more photos.

I’m not sure what the exact definition of portraiture is, but I think I favour images that capture people in action, in a context that tells us something additiona about themselves. In that sense, I think that good portraiture probably is another form of storytelling.

Let me know which images you like (or loathe) and why – and if you are a more experienced photographer, maybe you could share some of your thoughts or tips – and of course, your images.

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