BBC Scotland – Occupy Edinburgh Artist Ewan Smith

Posted on 17/01/2012 by


My latest radio piece has just been broadcast on BBC Radio Scotland’s Culture Cafe show – an interview with a young artist, Ewan Smith. Ewan has become the unofficial artist of the Occupy Edinburgh Camp. He’s been inspired by the protest movement to paint his own versions of revolutionary classics, but blended with the logos and imagery of contemporary protest.

I met him at Edinburgh College of Art, where he began by explaining how what had begun as detached artistic observation has now become a movement and a place which he feels he just can’t leave.

You can listen to the piece on Iplayer for the next seven days – it starts 17 minutes into the program. It’s also followed by a great interview with Paul Mason, author of “Why It’s Kicking Off Everywhere: The New Global Revolutions.”

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