The Forest – ten days to raise £100,000

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With ten days to go before they must vacate 3 Bristo Place, and the Forest is having one last has decided to try to raise the money to buy the building – or at least enough to put down a deposit.

I’ve spent the morning interviewing and recording Rachel McCrum, who at this moment is setting up a “We Fund” site with a target of £100,000 – with a ten day deadline. If they get to the total, they can buy the building. If they don’t get to the target, they’ll get nothing.

We Fund is one of a number of crowd-source funding sites, which use a combination of different pledges and rewards to encourage people to give to charities and creative projects.

Forest members have spent the morning coming up with rewards for people who donate – everything from a buritto (£10) to a private gig from local punk rock musician Billy Liar (£1000).

The top reward is currently a years indentured servitude from a Forest volunteer – though the £1 million price tag might put people off.

The new pledge site should be up later today – I’ll update this post with a link once it goes live.

UPDATE – 19:06

I’ve just heard that they’ll launch the pledge site tomorrow morning to coincide with peak web-traffic.

UPDATE – 23/08/2011

Still no sign of the new We Fund account – it seems that they have to be approved before they can go live on the site, which takes some time. They still their Just Giving account for donations though.

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