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I’m on my way to a remote village in Galicia in the rural North-west of Spain, for a rather unusual film festival.

The Cans short film festival – held in the village of Cans – unashamedly echoes the name of its famous French counterpart, and happens at the same time. But there the similarity with its glamorous rival ends.

While Cannes can boast Holywood stars, red carpets and the Mediterranean sea, Cans promises to be a more earthy experience – featuring the best of Spanish and Galician short films, shown in converted barns and agricultural buildings.

Apparently, audiences are ferried between venues on trailers pulled by tractors, known as ‘Chimpi buses’.

The organisers call this ‘Afro-glamour…’

Still, I’m very excited to be going, and if anything rather more than I would be if I was on my way to Cannes. We all know what to expect from that – but Cans promises to be full of surprises!

You’ll be able to hear my radio piece all about it on next week’s Movie Cafe on Radio Scotland – Thursday, 1:15 to 2:00pm.

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