Can you spot the Innertube Map ambassadors on twitter?

Posted on 13/05/2011 by


You may have noticed Innertube Map logos popping up a bit more frequently on twitter recently. That’s because our eleven trained ambassadors have now all been given the logo to wear on their personal accounts!

So, from now on you should easily be able to identify them, to ask questions about the routes, and suggest ideas for stories. You can also follow the hashtag #innertubemap for regular updates on the project.

Later, if individual ambassadors become experts about a particular route, such as the red line in North Edinburgh, we may add that colour as a border to their picture.

How we did it…

You may already be familiar with twibbons. These are little logos or banners that can be added to people’s twitter pictures to show that they support a particular cause, charity or political party. They’re a great idea, as they quickly allow people to spread the word about a cause – and anyone can add a twibbon to their account.

However, that wasn’t quite right for us. We want it to be clear who is an ambassador, but we also wanted them to be able to use their personal accounts.

So we used a free photo editing program called Pixlr to add the logo to the pictures manually, and re-uploaded. That’s also how we created the image above. Pixlr is a fantastic free alternative to Photoshop, and considering that it runs off the website, proved fast and efficient – definitely worth a look!