BBC Radio – a day in the life of a crime writer

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I was recently commissioned to produce a series of radio features for BBC Radio Scotland, looking behind the scenes at the different stages in the life of books.

The latest in the mini-series is being broadcast today on the BBC Book Café Show, and is a window in to the working life of Glasgow based crime writer Denise Mina.

Mina works from home, and is a busy working mum – so in order to capture the different sounds of her day, we had to come up with a creative approach to recording.

She offered to carry a small Nagra recording device with her for a whole day, from her first cup of coffee to collecting the kids from school, so that we could capture all of the different sounds – without intruding into her family life.

I then listened to the audio, condensing eight hours of ambient sounds into just eight minutes, and layered an interview with her over the top of the sounds.

The result is a fascinating bit of radio, capturing some of the rituals and details of her working life that she was almost unaware off.

Listen in to Radio Scotland today between 1:15 and 2:00 to hear the piece, or catch it on Iplayer for seven days afterwards.

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