First recce for the Innertube map project

Posted on 23/02/2011 by


This morning saw the first outing for the team behind the new Innertube Map project.

Representatives from both The Bike Station and Edinburgh and Lothians Greenspace Trust met on the Ferry Road Path to take a closer look at some of the problems, and potential, of this section of Edinburgh’s extensive off-road cycle path.

We were also being filmed by a BBC camera crew, which entailed lots of shots of us cycling through puddles, chatting, and me taking geo-tagged photos with my iphone. They were doing the shoot in preparation for our launch of the printed version of the map this Friday.

Afterwards, we continued our recce of the route. Some of the problems were aesthetic – the paths just aren’t well cared for. But you didn’t have to go far to spot some more serious problems – poor drainage and deep puddles, fly-tipping, and potentially dangerous overhanging branches.

In fact, you could smell one of the worst problems before you could see it – a rank, overflowing sewage outlet pipe, spilling it’s contents into the drainage gully along the side of the path. This is what Mark Sydenham (Bike Station) and Charlie Cumming (ELGT) said about it;

But it wasn’t all negative. Afterwards, we cycled past the lovely old Trinity Railway Station building, a reminder that these routes used to carry rather larger vehicles. And we called in on Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop for a quick tour, where work on building their new £3 million sculpture centre, which will have an entrance on the bike path, is well underway. It was also good to see a line of kids from Summerside Kindergarten are out using the path – despite the puddles!

This morning was also when we launched our new Twitter stream and Flickr photostream for the project, so as we spotted problems, I uploaded geo-tagged photos of them to twitter. Eventually, once we have recruited our ten volunteer ambassadors for the project, we will be launching a special group blog and interactive map that will show all the pictures, articles and audio where they were taken.

Be sure to follow @innertubemap for more updates soon.