Latest developments in campaigns to save The Forest, The Roxy, and Stepping Stones

Posted on 18/12/2010 by


Over the last 2 months I’ve been following the campaigns to save three ground-breaking arts organisations in Edinburgh, following the collapse of Edinburgh University Settlement.

In a recent program for Radio Scotland, I visited The Forest Café to see how they planned to raise half a million pounds through small online donations, hear how Rupert Thomson, former director of the The Roxy has been courting philanphropists to help him buy the building, and how the sudden collapse of EUS had impacted on vulnerable service users at mental health charity Stepping Stones.

We also hear whether Thomson and The Forest were able to submit offers on their respective buildings before the deadline for bids – which came earlier this week.

You can hear the program on BBC iplayer until Tuesday, December 21st.