Radical Thinking on Happiness

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Yesterday we braved the winter weather to record the first radical thinking show at a playground in the meadows in Edinburgh.

Our guests were anthropologist Dr. Neil Thin and Carol Craig of the Centre for Confidence and Well-being in Glasgow.

They were very playful in their ideas, but didn’t end up on the swings, sadly.

Neil said we need a “Ministry for Happiness,” and that happiness should be at the centre of Government policy making in the future. Although he wasn’t sure if they should actually have any funding to do their work!

Carol was a little more austere with her suggestions. Inequality is the main problem – we should have a maximum, as well as a minimum wage. And TV makes us miserable, she said – robbing us of the time to invest in family, relationships, and society (though she did admit to loving The Wire afterwards over coffee.)

I actually found this last argument really persuasive.

As a new dad, I’m struggling to find the time for everything – and I’m pretty knackered – so it’s only too easy to tune in and drop out in the evenings.

So, me and the family unit are going to go cold-turkey on telly in the new year. I would quit now, but I need closure on Merlin, Doctor Who, and Misfits.

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