Radical Thinking – Word Association Clouds

Posted on 04/12/2009 by


Try a bit of word association – just sit down and type. Stream of consciousness stuff.

I did. Above are the results for ageing, and below, food.

Right, now it’s your turn. Try happiness. Or community. Send the results back to me, and I’ll put them together and make more word clouds.

Er, why?

It’s part of a new series on BBC Radio Scotland called Radical Thinking. Were going to be looking at five modern preoccupations in a free-form way.

Happiness, Food, Aging, Poverty and Community.

In each show, Edi Stark will meet up with two people with unconventional ideas, and together, they’ll push them even further – to envisage radical solutions for the future of Scotland.

Let us know your ideas, and we’ll include them in the mix!

Word clouds courtesy of http://www.wordle.net/