Leith FM – Radio Ga Ga

Posted on 04/11/2009 by


It’s been years since I was on the airwaves of Leith FM, but I was invited back this week for a special show. Lindsay Allan, who I used to work with on the community show, has had to cut  her broadcasts down to one a month, on account of her own wee addition to the family, Kiera. Lindsay invited Sarah, Scarlett and I onto the show, along with an expert consultant on baby sleep.

Lindsay’s techie hadn’t turned up, which meant that she had to present, drive the desk, change CDs, and keep Kiera happy – who luckily, seems to be a very chilled out little girl.

The station is much the same, still based above Leith Dockers club, but with a new feeling of organization – probably due to the presence of a permanent and very capable new station manager, Mohamed Bouchkal. He spoke enthusiastically about putting together a new community news team (perhaps not realising that this had been my role at the station back in 2005-2006…)

As Momahed explained, running even a simple news program takes a lot of dedicated volunteers, especially if you want to source some original content. At the moment the station is having to use feeds from Sky’s News Radio service, which is a shame, when there is so much happening on their doorstep – and when Leith FM is the only community radio station in the North of the city.

I liked the fact that Mohamed is aiming high – he wants to get Leith FM reporters into the Scottish Parliament on a regular basis. And why not?