The Big Scream – Scarlett’s first movie!

Posted on 30/10/2009 by


At least we didn’t argue over which film to see

For those of you who hate noisy cinema goers (you know who you are) the idea of sharing the auditorium with a hundred babies might not be too appealing. But having a sprog quickly changed my attitude, and after six months without a visit to the flicks, I was dying to get down to the Cameo in Edinburgh for their weekly “Big Scream.”

If anything the gentle tide of gurgling, muted cries and cooing mums (I was one of only two men representing the Dad’s contingent) only added to the already surreal spectacle of “The Imaginarium of Dr.Panassus.”

Ok, so we could have watched the film at home, but nothing beats the sense of occasion and sumptuous surroundings of a cinema like the Cameo – red velvet, dim lighting and art deco pillars. That, plus coffee and popcorn (all before 11am) means it’s officially the only way to start my day on a Thursday.

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