Cornish Department Store Accused of Racist Advert

Posted on 05/08/2009 by


Flick through your average local newspaper, and you’ll expect to see pages filled with advertising. It’s the only way that small papers can make ends meet nowadays, with all the competition from television, radio and the internet.

But what you probably haven’t seen is a page that blends bargains on boots, bags, stoves and paint, with controversial political comment.

Not, that is, unless you live in Cornwall, in the far South-West of England.

Trago Mills is a chain of department stores that are a local institution here, offering an alladins cave of cheap goods. The owner of the stores, Bruce Robertson, and his father before him, have been taking taking out full page adverts in local papers for decades – and in an unusual tradition, they always include an outspoken editorial piece.

A recent editorial, written by David Chalice of the United Kingdom Independence Party, is no exception. It suggests that “”Moslems” could take advantage of British law by claiming extra benefits – if they have more than one wife.

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