Crime in Falmouth

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By Michela Riva

Crime is not particularly thick in Falmouth, at least not armed crime. It is a relatively small town which relies heavily on the tourist trade in the summer and survives winters, largely, thanks to student spending. Falmouth in short, is not a particularly affluent place but, in comparison to neighbouring towns and villages, it doesn’t do too badly. Precisely for these reasons, I suspect, it may be an attractive prospect for criminals.

crime figures

These are the latest crime stats for the Falmouth area ( April 1st ’08 – 31st October ’08), which is governed by 2 separate District Councils (Carrick & Kerrier). They are not the most exciting, but I will attempt to make head and tail of them on my personal blog in the future.

I do think though, that they are a clear indication that Falmouth, contrary to what many (younger) people seem to think, is not devoid of crime.

I am just about to complete a package on the armed robberies of the Spar and the Woodlane Social Club last week. I explored the perception of firearms and the role the media plays in perpetuating certain ideas. I spoke to Barry Collott the senior explosive and firearms clerk of Devon and Cornwall Constabulary, about gun licensing, punishment and deterrents, which has turned out to be quite insightful. Unfortunately, I do not have clearance to publish what he told me, but as I am still learning, I will speak to my legal frameworks lecturer to see if there is a way I can get around it, and make it available on The Nose.

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