The nose

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This blog is all about investigative, probing, challenging journalism. Why call it the nose? Because we’re going to poke our noses into places where we have no business going. Because we’re going to be sniffing around for hidden stories.

But first, a little about us.

My name is Tom Allan, and I’m an independent radio journalist. I’ve worked for a motley collection of outlets and broadcasters over the years – everything from Free Speech Radio News in America, to the BBC in Scotland.

Tommy Tonkins is a writer and reporter. He’s worked in local news and is currently training as a broadcast journalist. His short stories have recently been shortlisted in national competitions.

Michela Riva has worked for a local production company on entertainment pieces, but her true passion lies with hard-hitting investigative journalism. She sees crime reporting as her true calling.

Remember; when in doubt, follow your nose.

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